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Certain Liquid Dielectric Transformers from South Korea

: Anti-Dumping

Initiation of SIMA Investigation:Certain Liquid Dielectric Transformers from South Korea 2012-04-24

The Canada Border Services Agency has initiated an investigation into the alleged injurious dumping of liquid dielectric transformers having a top power handling capacity equal to or exceeding 60,000 kilovolt amperes (60 megavolt amperes), whether assembled or unassembled, complete or incomplete, originating in or exported from the Republic of Korea.

Liquid dielectric transformers are capital goods that are made to order from a customer's particular needs. They are used to increase, maintain or decrease electric voltage in high voltage transmission and distribution systems. The subject goods encompass all power transformers regardless of name designation, including but not limited to: step-up transformers, step-down transformers, auto-transformers, interconnection transformers, voltage regulator transformers, HVDC transformers and rectifier transformers.

For additional information, please visit the CBSA's website.

Sources: CSCB, CBSA