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Ground Transportation

Milgram provides ground transportation services in Canada, the United States and Mexico. Acting as a bridge between our clients and a vast network of carriers, we serve as a single point of contact for rate negotiations, freight auditing, tracing, pick-up and delivery, and customs clearances.

We also provide on-line tracing and information management for your shipments over the internet.

Milgram offers regular, expedited and dedicated-team service. Once notified of the pick-up, Milgram springs into action.

We will arrange to pick-up the goods, secure the customs documents, set up the clearance and arrange the local delivery.

Of course, all of this works even more efficiently when integrated with Milgram's customs brokerage services. Milgram's transport and customs departments work very closely together, providing a seamless service and ensuring a rapid response to any logistics concerns.

And with Milgram's extended hours of service, problems are identified early and resolved quickly.

Additionally, Milgram's integrated services help reduce your workload by providing you with a single invoice for customs and freight, and a single point of contact for your logistics needs.

Milgram provides Internet track and trace service to its clients, who can track their shipments by order number, reference number, consignee name, shipper name, weight, quantity or date of shipment.

Alternatively, Milgram can also provide you with a personalized status report, faxed to your office daily.

High levels of on-time pick-up and delivery, high levels of invoicing accuracy and low levels of claims occurrences make Milgram the right choice for your transport needs.

For further information please call Melanie Doire at 1-888-milgram.

For more information on our services to and from Mexico, please click here.
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